Allow Me to RE:Introduce Myself...

"Allow me to reintroduce name is"
Jay-Z, Public Announcement, the Black Album

I created my blog um...December 2008. And haven't been on here really since. I always start writing and then stop before I put it up. So I'm back...allow me to RE:Introduce myself.

Name: Princess.the.Artist aka the.Artist
Occupation: Rising College Sophomore; Freelance Artist & Photographer
School: Virginia Commonwealth University (CAA Champions yeah :P)
Worked for: B5, Yung Berg, Joe Budden, Ray J, Terrence J of 106 & Park, Tyga, N.E.R.D., & Russell Simmons
Dream Clients: N.E.R.D (check haha), Russell Simmons (check), Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Obama (a big dream), God (the creator of dreams, the biggest dream of them all)

So yeah, since I'm revamping...I don't think right now would be the time for me to fill y'all in on how I met who and how the experience was. Maybe later. Until then here's some pictures of me and a couple people I've done pictures for and a link to places you can find me.

Me & Ray-J (singer, actor). Raleigh. NC. 2008

Me & N.E.R.D (rock group, producers). Richmond. VA. 2009

Check out my feature from Feb. 6, 2009 when I met N.E.R.D. on BBCIceCream Blog

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