I'm Ill, Not Sick

"Motherfucka, I'm ill..."
Lil' Wayne, Milli, The Carter 3

Ugh, I'm so flappin' sick right now. Decided to de-stress (not a word, I know) and go out to Element Lounge for my boys' party. All I can say is "hot...4 energy drinks...not a good combination"...I already didn't feel good, but I'm sure that those drinks didn't help the situation. So...

Wale's coming through to the National in like 2 weeks and I'm doing a picture of him, was asked to whatever whatever. I'm so happy because I pretty much love Wale. Haven't even started it because I want it to be really nice...hm...what to do? I guess since I'm on my death bed, I can google images.

I stay in heavy rotation like ya local radio station...hm.

Until next time, here's a couple pictures from a photoshoot I did of Suburban District and upcoming model Kayden Graham.
check out Suburban District here
check out Wale here
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