Check out the features&interviews with illustrator/artist Richie Pope, hip-hop emcee&style generator G5 Clive, and 17-year-old [who will be 18 in 3 days :) ] singer/songwriter Blair Perkins.


I'll start posting more by the way, on this blog, as soon as I get more art done. I'm focusing on school and running SoulFlows amongst other things, so bare with me and continue to support ya girl :) your support does NOT go unnoticed.


I know it's been a while since I posted anything,&&I really haven't posted much. Hopefully, that's all about to change. Only reason there were no updates over the summer is because...well I took a hiatus from a lot of things, including art. But I'm back...and I will be posting up Me x Cool Kids pics and a lil' review of the tour that was also headlined by the Clipse.

Until then...
Check out this Interlude to an upcoming feature on CampusLifeIsCrazy



So I know I haven't updated my blog in a while, well like a couple months, but that's because I'm not at school and my summer's pretty dull so I haven't been doing um...ANYTHING! But what I did do was make another blog over on WordPress [sorry blogger, i still love you] called SoulFlows. The site is dedicated to introducing you guys to new, old, and upcoming poets, artists, and musicians that produce something that's good for the soul. So go CHECK IT OUT!

I will update this blog more regularly when I start back school in a couple weeks, but SoulFlows will be updated a lot!

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If you saw my last post, I'm entered in this campaign on've been asking my friends, family, &fellow internet folk to vote for me so I can have a chance at this scholarship. [[trust me I need it]]
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So I entered this campaign on Brickfish for "My Favorite Photo I've Ever Taken".It's of Fair from Suburban District.Anyways, I need all my readers or anybody that comes to my blog to go and VOTE for me. I really need this you guys so get the word out there for me. Copy & Paste the link and put it on your MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, your blog, whatever it is that you use so I can get close to that top spot, and then GET that top spot.

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"Feel the we can rock the boogie"
Michael Jackson "Rock With You" [as featured &remixed on] TRV$DJAM Fix Your Face Vol.2

Usually my posts are about me or the people I work with, have done work for, or know on a personal level. But today I just had to, just HAD TO post this. I'm a big fan of DJs, especially the ones that hook us eclectic heads up w/something that will stimulate our whole functions. For example, GirlTalk is big at this style of music. &locally, DJs in Richmond like DJ Gumby, DJ Vic Mase &Mr.Mason Jones just to name a few. Anyways this post isn't about any of that, sort of lost the point huh?

Anyways, this is about TRV$DJAM's (Travis Barker &DJ AM) new mixtape "Fix Your Face Vol.2" which features some ill beats, both live and on the 1s &2s of course. Taking it back to some classic joints &mixing in lil bits and pieces from tracks we all know &love. What made me have to repost, reply, &retweet this whole thing was track 4 [I think that's its number, they don't have names except Coachella _insert track number here_] where they put up the "Poison" [BelBivDevoe] &Barker starts throwing in some drumkicks and whatnot.

sorry, but it is what it is.all you have to do is [besides have a twitter account] go to &it tells you exactly what to do there. Get yours today...

&if you're not, follow me on twitter HERE

if nothing more...

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The Day the Earth Stood Still

"I give what's taken like burglary"
Intalek on "Man After Midnite"(Suburban District feat. Deron,C4 &Intalek),Day the Earth Stood Still

So I guess I'm a little late on doing this.Shame on me right?Yeah I know,don't get on me about it. But "The Day the Earth Stood Still" mixtape by Suburban District hosted my DJ Smirnoff Ice has been out for about a week now.[once again.i know i'm late on posting this] But these are my boys Octavion Xcellence, Tim Porter, &Fair.if you don't know who they are or what they look like, they are in 2 previous posts of some graphics I've done &also photography. Speaking of...the mixtape was designed by me.&when you download it, you get both the mixtape cover,back &promo flyer all by moi :). CD includes a couple freestyles.Lots of original material &a snippet of their first single "Space Travelin'".also some features from some nice up&comers like Miss Jillz [myspace/missjillz] Intalek [myspace/intalek5] C4 of A.C.E.S Clik & more.Get yours, post it to your blogs,send it to your friends,sync it to your iPod & roll with it. My favorite joint is Man after Midnite as you can see. Cover & link to download @ the bottom.

Download here -->>

as always
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