[[Promo Me]]

"Put me on your screensaver, all over your Myspace and
Make me one of your five favorites, that?s where I wanna be"
Chris Brown, "I Wanna Be", Forever

What's up internet world???? Today's quote not only comes from a VA native, but as usual fits what's going on in my life. Of course I'm an artist, I've been working on getting as much support, promotion and networking opportunities as I can for possibly the past couple months but for some reason extra hard the last month, and even specifically the last couple weeks of school. So I have been promoting my group on facebook [ :: the.artist :: artist.photography.design. ]...for about 3 days. Had the group since February. Didn't promo it much. But in 3 days I went from 108 members to last check...556. So I'm really excited. I just made a twitter like 2 weeks ago...didn't tell anybody of course, but I have like 40 somethin' followers now but even if they aren't following me, they are promoting me so I'm happy about that too.

Hopefully I can keep the consistency of having a pic with every post but I don't really know what to upload with this post seeing as how I haven't done any new works, well I did a couple graphics but nothing special. Working on logos and such. So if you need work, here I am. here you are! we both right here so let's work something out shall we?

Join the Facebook Group HERE
Follow me on Twitter HERE
Myspace :: Art HERE
Myspace :: Personal [which I use the most, Art page might be deleted] HERE
ALL art I've ever done [not really but close] HERE

If you know anybody or if you want to feature me on a blog or website, interview, magazine whatever! Get @ me! If you've seen me or my work on a site, let me know here or in a email or wherever else we happen to be friends. On that note...

Love. Live. Life.
:: the.artist ::

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