Straight Out the Suburbs....

"So we can go back, back, forth; we can go back and forth."
Suburban District, "Back & Forth", Don't Mind Us We're Just the Future EP

So I guess my lil' quote is focused on my life right now. Things are going both up and down at the same time, so I guess that would make me neutral right?'s just making me emotional and fall towards the bad even when the good is there to keep me happy.

So on that note...
(the mentioning of the words "happy" and "good" that is)

My "song quote" also comes from a group I know very well and if you haven't picked up on them you need to...they go by Suburban District.
Check Out the MySpace HERE
& Their interview with Music Anonymous (whom I know also) HERE

I've done work for this group, as you can see from my last post with the photography...I also did some graphics for them and am currently working on some covers for them to death. So here are the pics that I did for them :)


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