The Day the Earth Stood Still

"I give what's taken like burglary"
Intalek on "Man After Midnite"(Suburban District feat. Deron,C4 &Intalek),Day the Earth Stood Still

So I guess I'm a little late on doing this.Shame on me right?Yeah I know,don't get on me about it. But "The Day the Earth Stood Still" mixtape by Suburban District hosted my DJ Smirnoff Ice has been out for about a week now.[once again.i know i'm late on posting this] But these are my boys Octavion Xcellence, Tim Porter, &Fair.if you don't know who they are or what they look like, they are in 2 previous posts of some graphics I've done &also photography. Speaking of...the mixtape was designed by me.&when you download it, you get both the mixtape cover,back &promo flyer all by moi :). CD includes a couple freestyles.Lots of original material &a snippet of their first single "Space Travelin'".also some features from some nice up&comers like Miss Jillz [myspace/missjillz] Intalek [myspace/intalek5] C4 of A.C.E.S Clik & more.Get yours, post it to your blogs,send it to your friends,sync it to your iPod & roll with it. My favorite joint is Man after Midnite as you can see. Cover & link to download @ the bottom.

Download here -->>

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